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Unifund is an open to all funding platform built upon the concept of mass global participation to create through a small weekly offering a fund to enable us a say in how our world will move forward.

The very act of pledging money each week is a form of social activism.

Most of us can see now how disproportionate wealth and influence can result in the few making all the decisions for the many. How can we have a voice in a world where actual democracy and the rule of law no longer has any relevance. 

Unifund is set up to have no political agenda and will concentrate on raising the fund. Our philosophy is to do what's needed and what is right to preserve and create a sustainable future for us all.

Unifund is not a charity or some kind of NGO. This is funding by the people for the people.

We believe in the power of diversity.

Bank of Unifund

Unifund has a unique way of building its fund. Members (funders) will pledge to save in cash one small amount each week in a "Bank" of there own making. 

My Bank of Unifund

Here is my "Bank of Unifund"

At Unifund we believe the very act of this offering each week will pull us together in one goal. The monies will, of course, need to be transferred to projects we are supporting but this will always remain in the hands of the funders to decide. Also the funds are always available to those funders should they require it.

Unifund has set limits to the amount funders can send and save. An equivalent amount to one base amount per currency is acceptable. The fund began on 1/1/2023 so this means you can only send amounts accumulated from this date.

Unifund will not accept more than these amounts. 

There is more to Unifund than the money. Unifund is a form of social activism. I believe in the action of doing something each week all of us will build a common goal we can all believe in.


By becoming a member you will have access to the fund in the form of being able to pitch a project to the funders of Unifund 

Join Us Now

I urge you to think about the possibilities of such a fund.

To join us just become a member and then download the labels sheet to aid in making your own

"Bank of Unifund"

Together we shall build a community and with each offering lay the foundations for our future.

Total Decentralised Funding

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